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The NWDTC is managed through a series of committees, which are also responsible for running the North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership (NWSSDTP). These committees are as follows:

  • Strategy Board (NWSSDTP Director, NWSSDTP Manager, Pro Vice Chancellor from each partner institution)
  • Academic Management Committee (NWSSDTP Director, NWSSDTP Manager, an Institutional Academic Lead from each partner institution and an administrative representative from each partner institution)
  • Studentship Allocation Committee (NWSSDTP Director, an Institutional Academic Lead from each partner institution)

Members and roles

  • NWSSDTP Director: Professor Gabe Mythen
  • NWSSDTP Manager: Ms Hayley Meloy
  • Lancaster University Institutional Academic Lead: Dr Julia Gillen
  • University of Liverpool Institutional Academic Lead: Professor Barry Goldson
  • University of Manchester Institutional Academic Lead: Professor Stuart Jones