Applications are invited from current PhD students in the North West Doctoral Training Centre (NWDTC) for funding for a study visit to partner institutions in Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania.

The Baltic countries have all been undergoing rapid social change and are positioning themselves in relation to a newly configured Europe. Social anthropology is highly visible in the public sphere and social anthropologists play the part of public intellectuals engaging issues of national and international relevance and offering anthropological perspectives on social and political processes.

The Partnering Scheme provides a unique opportunity for two P hD students with a research interest in the Baltic states to undertake a study visit and participate in local academic life at partner institutions, to benefit from their different intellectual expertise, to have access to a cohort of local students and/or
to make use of extensive ethnological archives from the Soviet period. The scheme does not cover field-work. The time of year for successful Partner Scheme students’ visits is to be negotiated with supervisors and host institutions.

Two places are available for study visits of up to six weeks during the period December 2015 – August 2016. Applications must be received by Wednesday 28 October 2015. This is the last round of applications for this three-year scheme.

Successful applicants will have access to internationally-educated staff at the University of Latvia in Riga and at Tallinn University in Estonia. Faculty specializations include: anthropology of post-socialism, nationalism, the state, mobility and migration, morality, gender, business anthropology and visual
anthropology. In Lithuania, doctoral students from the DTC will have access to massive historical archives recording daily life in Lithuania during the Soviet period and be supervised by ethnologists and historians with ethnographic expertise in the Baltic States. Successful applicants will be paired up with
local graduate students in order to receive peer-to-peer guidance.


The scheme is open to all PhD students at Manchester, Lancaster and Liverpool with an interest in a Social Anthropology.


The DTC will cover the cost of return flights (booked economy in advance), internal travel and subsistence up to £1,150 per student.

Application procedure

Send, as attachments to an email:

  • a letter in which you state your preferred institution, an approximate period, and explain why you would benefit from a study visit
  • a one-page CV
  • a short letter of support from your PhD supervisor

Enquires and applications should be sent to


Wednesday 28th October 2015.